The Cutter

Detective Sergeant Alex Brady a former inspector, demoted, struggling to rebuild his career, and posted to the small town of Moorford, where he is disliked, disrespected by almost all his new colleagues.

Connie Preston, a local historian, living alone in a block of flats, plagued by a stalker who, according to the police, exists only in her mind.

The Cutter, a clever, determined killer who leaves no trace of himself whenever he carries out his barbaric murders.

When Chief Inspector Irma Cornell insists that Connie is The Cutter, Brady kicks against it. He was dealing with Connie’s latest stalker incident when the first of a wave of Cutter murders occurred

Disobeying Irma’s instructions, determined to go his own way, becoming increasingly involved with Connie, Brady walks a fine line, hovering on the edge of dismissal from the Police Service, in a campaign to bring this vicious killer to justice.

The Cutter, another chilling tale from the darker side of David W Robinson, is due for release at the end of May as both an e-book and paperback, but for now, here’s a sample of what you can expect..

In the short extract that follows, Brady has been called to Connie Preston’s apartment. On entering the flat, he finds no trace of Connie, and pauses at the final door, the only room he has not check.

Now read on:


There was just one room left, and it had to be the bathroom. Crossing the narrow hall, he pressed his ear to the door, and sure enough, he could hear the shower running.

Receiving no answer, he dug into his pockets for his radio, and made contact. “Control from sierra-kilo-four. I need female backup at Oaklea Mount, and I need it now.”

“No one available, Sarge.”

“Don’t give me that.”

“Listen, Sarge, it’s only—”

“No you listen. I have a female, possibly injured, possibly attacked or being held against her will, and she’s in the shower. I need female assistance and I need it now.”

His demand was greeted with a long silence, and when the constable on control eventually came through it was to report no change.

“Sarge, we have no one available. You’ll just have to grasp the nettle.” The officer at the other end of the connection laughed. “If Creepy Connie is in the altogether, make sure the nettle is the only thing you grasp.”

“Have you listened to anything I’ve said?”

“Yes, Sarge, and if you want assistance, you’ll have to wait.”

“You’ll answer for this, lad.”

Brady jammed the radio angrily back in his pocket and gripped the door handle again. He did not want to go in, but he had little choice, and with his record, the last thing he wanted was a complaint from a single woman taking a shower. The Moorford team would feel his wrath come the morning. He would make sure they did.

“Ms Preston, can you hear me? I’m concerned for your safety, and I have no female officer with me, so I have no choice but to come in. Can you hear me, Ms Preston?”

No answer.

He pressed the handle and pushed.


He bent to examine the set up. A simple affair. On the inside, it would be a twist knob, and on the outside, in case of emergencies, it was a slot, readily accessible to a screwdriver. He fished into his pocket, took out his Swiss army knife – a present from Jess during the early days of their marriage – and applied the blade to the slot. He twisted first one way, then the other, and heard the click of an open lock.

Taking a deep breath, mentally preparing himself for what might lie the other side of the door, he threw it open and rushed in.


What does Brady find on the other side of the door? Well, you’ll have to read The Cutter to find out.

The Cutter by David W Robinson, published by darkstroke books, exclusive to Amazon, is released on May 25th and is available for pre-order at: