Feyer & Drake

The Anagramist and The Frame (and other works scheduled for the Feyer & Drake series) are a bit of a departure for me in that they’re written under my real name, yet they’re serious works, much darker than my other series.

The Anagramist was born of my love of word puzzle, anagrams in particular. I enjoy pitting my wits against cryptic crossword compilers, even though I don’t always beat them. That’s less of an issue in The Frame, which sees a depressed and disheartened Drake called to assist Sam in a cold case inquiry.

Like so much of my work, the books are set in Yorkshire. The Anagramist is set on the outskirts of Leeds, where I was born and raised. From opening of The Frame Sam is living on the coast and Drake soon joins her. Scarborough, one of my favourite seaside towns, was the model for Landshaven, and anyone who knows the area will recognise the place.

Central to the series will be the developing and sometimes rocky relationship between Drake and Sam. I’m not by nature a romantic, but I do understand the ups, downs, highs and lows of relationships.

The present two titles are proving popular, and I hope to build a moderate success with future works. For the meantime, here, first is…

The Anagramist

A woman damaged. A man in torment. Together, can they stop… The Anagramist?

DCI Samantha Feyer, abused and ostracised by her former colleagues. Wes Drake, her counsellor, tortured by cryptic emails relating to a series of violent murders. A couple drawn together by circumstance and faced with the callous slaughter committed by the enigmatic Anagramist.

A police force frustrated at every turn, faced with a body count rising slowly but inexorably. Can Drake’s lightning mind coupled with Sam’s investigative skills unmask the killer and bring him to justice? For both, it will be a nightmare journey of personal suffering, direct threats to their lives, and self-discovery.

“What a fantastic well written book. I loved all the drama and exciting thought processes. Already awaiting next chapter in this new series.”
~ David O-S

“What a storming good read, blood all over the floor as a serial killer arrives to claim his vengeance on a man who doesn’t know him…”
~ Ted Bun, author

“A gripping plot, with a killer whose techniques are testing for the police and anyone who takes chase in the hunt against him, to put a stop to his disturbing mind and anagrams.”
~ Joanne Pollard

“A very good read. The right balance of crime and human interest.”
~ Maureen Vincent-Northam, author

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The Frame

A killer freed after only four years. Was she guilty or not?

Sam Feyer, relishing her role as head of Landshaven CID, and Wes Drake, a broken man after the murder of his partner, are charged with reopening the inquiry into Barbara Shawforth’s brutal murder.

For Sam, it’s a path littered with obstacles from the autocratic hierarchy of Landshaven and the police, to handling the ill-tempered Drake, a man who greets every attempt to thwart him as a personal challenge there to be crushed.

Amid frequent disagreements, an air of thin tolerance between them, they must forge a fresh alliance to battle through a smokescreen of corruption, suspicion and lies if they are to learn what really happened four years ago.

Then the body count begins to rise.

The Frame is the second instalment in the Feyer and Drake Mystery series.

“A hard-hitting, intense crime drama that will crawl under your skin.”
Anna Legat, author of The End of the Road

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