As I get older, minor health issues gang up on me now and then, and send my mood down. That’s when the dark side takes over, that’s when I can’t think of timely gags to make life flow. That’s when I turn out my grim, hard-boiled tales.

There are four such volumes my Darkstroke list, two of which focus on Feyer & Drake: Detective Chief Inspector Samantha Feyer and motivation specialist, Wesley Drake, a brace of individuals, both damaged by life events, teaming up to confront the wrong doers.

They first appeared in The Anagramist and reappeared in The Frame, and both times, they pursued and confronted vicious, serial killers.

Beyond Feyer & Drake we meet disgraced and demoted police detective, Alex Brady a man struggling put his back together, a man ready to flout his boss’s orders, a man who will not be distracted as he hunts down The Cutter.

The fourth dark title is Kracht. It’s a Dutch word, one translation of which  is Power and it sees Adam Yale wrongly accused of  murder and off in pursuit if Ivan Ryall and accompanied by, a woman whose motives and bona fides are up for question. Coupled to the theft of weapons grade plutonium, it’s a dark winter tale with many surprising twists and turns.

Note: all the above titles are graphic in terms of sex, violence and language. They are not for the faint-hearted.

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My work as Robert Devine, which is darker still and more psychological in nature, is detailed HERE