Known to her friends as Sceptre Rand, Lady Concepta Rand-Epping, Countess of Marston is down on her uppers. The family fortune has gone, frittered away by her ancestors, and the family seat has gone with it. Aside from the useless title, she has only one heirloom: the ghost of her great-grandfather’s butler, Albert Fishwick. He has been with her since childhood and as well as communicating directly with her, he protects her as best an inhabitant of the Spirit Plane can.

Circumstances have seen her sharing a flat with two of Ashdale’s best known residents.

Pete Brennan is a disgraced ex-cop turned private eye. Tall, muscular, handsome, Pete fears nothing and no one. He is also a notorious sceptic. If he can’t see it, touch it, speak to it, he doesn’t believe in it, and that cynicism extends to the existence of Fishwick. But when he and his friends run into difficulties, whether with the disagreeable Chief Inspector Locke of Ashdale CID or the hardened criminals of the town, Pete is there to defend them, physically if he has to, but often by employing only his intimidating presence.

Kevin Keeley is Pete’s best friend. Barely five feet six tall, overweight with a passions for sweets, curries and Ashdale Regal Lager, Kevin is a techno whizz-kid, and a super salesman. He’s a general ducker and diver, who doesn’t always inquire into the provenance of the bits and pieces he buys to sell on. He has displayed some minor psychic abilities, but his natural timidity makes him wary of investigating them further, and when they’re on an all-night vigil, he’s the one who tends to hang back.

Sceptre, Pete, Kevin: together they form…

SPOOKIES Paranormal Investigators.

Cosy mysteries with thrills, spills, a range of crooks and spooks and a good deal of humour.

There are currently two volumes in the series and a third is in progress. As with all my work, they’re excusive to Amazon, available for the Kindle and in paperback, and subscribers to Kindle Unlimited can read them #FREE

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