Many people think that I made the transition from light-hearted, cosy, humorous titles to the dark and disturbing works of Robert Devine. In fact, it was the other way round.

In the early 1990s, at which point I’d been turning out short stories and factual articles for almost 10 years, I submitted an outline to a television production company in the South of England; a five-hour drama entitled Murder by Suggestion. Ultimately, although I produced a full script (which I still have somewhere upstairs) we were rejected, and I shifted my focus to writing novels, the first of which was a transcription of the TV drama, ultimately published in 2013 by Crooked Cat, and entitled The Handshaker.

It flopped, along with its sequel, The Deep Secret, and Crooked Cat returned the rights to me a few years ago.

By the time CC took them on, I had become known for my humour and I was convinced that publishing those titles under my real name was part of the problem, so I came up with the pseudonym, Robert Devine, under which nameI re-edited and retitled them as Dominus and The Power.

Those first two titles, along with a third entitled Ryman, now comprise the Allan Cain Hypno-Thrillers. I’ll not go into a long and boring tale about how I became interested in hypnosis.

Devine has a fourth book, and again, it was originally published by Crooked Cat as Voices. That, too, flopped, and when the rights came back to me, I put it under Devine’s name, and republished it as Ghosts.

These tales are not for the fainthearted. They contain scenes of graphic sex and violence, and the language reflects modern day Britain. They stray into areas of horror and outright science fiction, but if that’s the kind of dark work you’re looking for, then check out the individual titles