Christmas is Coming

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It’s a week and a couple of days to Christmas, a time of year I don’t care for. The days are too short, the nights too long and it’s just too cold. Roll on June.

But that doesn’t mean to say I can’t do my bit for the rest of you, so here’s a selection of reading to entertain you when television becomes too boring and predictable, and one of them is A GIVEAWAY.

First off, it’s a familiar gang of born again teenagers… the Sanford 3rd Age Club.

Murder at the Christmas Meddlercon is the 26th Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery, and we see Joe suffering gastric problems surprisingly similar to those I’ve suffered this year. In an effort cheer him up, Sheila and Brenda drag him off to Leeds for the annual Meddlercon, a convention for fans, cast and crew of that top drawer TV series, the Meddler Murder Mysteries. Inevitably, it doesn’t take long before they’re all confronted with real murder.

Priced £1.99, Murder at the Christmas Meddlercon is released on December 23rd. It’s exclusive to Amazon, so KUL and Prime members can read FREE, but you can pre-order now at: (universal link, takes you to your local Amazon store)

Go on. You know it makes sense.

And next, it’s Christine Capper and her 6th outing, Murder at Christmas Manor.

Along with the crew of Radio Haxford, Christine is trapped in a snowbound, lavish manor house out on the moors above Haxford along with dozens of VIPS when they’re confronted with murder. The police can’t get there and they ask Christine to lead the investigation until the snow is cleared. She’s missing her family, she’s dreading the prospect of delivering a radio program to a live audience, and now she’s thrown into the furnace as SIO in a vicious murder inquiry.

At £1.99, Murder at Christmas Manor is released this coming Sunday December 18. It’s exclusive to Amazon, so KUL and Prime members can read FREE, but you can pre-order now at: (universal link, takes you to your local Amazon store)

It’s also available in paperback. Just follow the link and click on ‘paperback’.

Next up, it’s a novella, a form I’m not noted for producing.

A Christmas Market Haunting sees putative ghosthunters, Allan Brant, JJ Martin, and Suzanne Daley locked in a haunted market hall on Christmas Eve, seeking evidence of ghosts. Things start to go wrong, and what starts out as a paranormal experiment soon turns to a life-threatening confrontation.

The tone is light-hearted, not really scary. It’s a lively read and a snip at 99p

You can find A Christmas Market Haunting at: (universal link, takes you to your local Amazon store).

And finally, the promised FREEBIE.

Christmas Parties is short and packed with punchy humour.

Over the years I’ve produced a number of series and a few standalone novels, and in this little book’s half dozen short stories, you’ll meet the characters from all those series, each celebrating Christmas in their own way.

There’s the Spookies team, the Sanford 3rd Age Club, the cast of Bleaker Cove, the Baldocks of Midthorpe estate, space truckers BB and Gren, and finally and irritable Mrs Capper trying to infuse a hungover Dennis with the Christmas spirit.

And it’s FREE. Just follow this link

And take your pick of the format. E-pub for your e-reader or app, and PDF if that’s your preference.

And that’s your lot for now. I’ll be back to nag you again this side of the big Crimbo, but in the meantime, take care out there and keep warm.

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