She’s Here Again

It’s Mrs Capper’s 5th outing and this time, she’s in a quandary as she faces… A Professional Dilemma.

Called to gather evidence against the wife of a local businessman, that same man’s shady reputation puts Christine in an awkward position. The regulations under which she is obliged to work mean she must deliver the truth to Gus Leach, but if she does, what will happen to the adulterous wife, Petra?

And the matter is only complicated by a murder.

Dennis is getting better, Radio Haxford are asking her for to augment her agony aunt spot with a new role, her infirm, elderly neighbour is pining for a long lost love, and Christine is all at sea try to reconcile…

A Professional Dilemma

Mrs Capper’s Casebook #5, A Professional Dilemma, is exclusive to Amazon, free to read for subscribers to Kindle Unlimited.

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