Well, almost.

Mrs Capper’s Casebook #4, Exit Page 10 is up and running, exclusive to Amazon, and available for pre-order right now.

But you won’t be able to read it until June 24, the official release date. That means you’ve got four weeks to think about it, dither about it, and then order it. Why not save all that brain strain and dithering, and get it ordered now? That way, it’ll be delivered to your e-reader at midnight on 24 June, and you’ll be well ahead of the game by the time the rest of the world is waking up to its release.

You can find it at: For reference that’s a global link. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, that link will take you to your local Amazon site.

So what’s it all about?

It’s about a nasty little murder which mirrors a murder committed on page 10 of novelist, Anita Stocker’s next book, Utter Carnage. The trouble is, no one has seen this script other than her editor, Valerie Wharrier, and she swears she was not the one who told the police.

Still coping with her badly injured husband, it seems that everyone wants a piece of Christine, including fellow private eye, Nathan Evanson. But Nathan wants a bit more than a piece of her.

Pulled every which way, trying to care for Dennis, trying to keep clients happy, determined to crack the puzzles as they mount up, things get worse when both her chief suspect is murdered, and the second-best suspect disappears.

Christine needs all her wits, charm, and patience to maintain her customary, light-hearted outlook on life, while Nathan Evanson’s flattery tests her will. Will she succumb to it?

Well, you’ll have to wait until June 24 to find out.

Exit Page 10, Mrs Capper’s Casebook #4, available for pre-order NOW.

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