It’s Here

It’s a sunny but chilly Friday morning here in Northeast Manchester, a public holiday weekend in the UK and Mrs R is looking forward to a day in Blackpool tomorrow.

I’m not. The forecast is for overcast and nippy, there’ll be too much walking round and too much shopping, and we all know how much I love shopping (cue theme from Quatermass).

That aside, I do like to keep an eye on the progress of my books, and yes, I have a brand new title which went on sale this morning… the 3rd of Mrs Capper’s Casebooks, Blackmail at the Ballot Box.

If we’ve learned anything about the Cappers from the first two books, it’s that they have a very comfortable, easy life. Christine’s biggest problem amounts to keeping Dennis away from the kitchen (because he’s a walking disaster area when it comes to cooking) and coping with Haxford’s moodiest moggie, Cappy the Cat.

It’s time to disrupt that cosy life, and that’s exactly what happens in Blackmail at the Ballot Box when one of the candidates in a forthcoming by-election is blackmailed and asks Christine to identify the culprit.

I’m telling you no more than that except to say that it’s a rollercoaster of a ride for our favourite private eye and one which culminates in events that may well shatter her world.

Blackmail at the Ballot Box, Mrs Capper’s Casebook #3 is exclusive to Amazon, available in both Kindle format and paperback, and is available to KUL subscribers as part of their allowance.

Get over there and get it ordered RIGHT HERE