Mrs Capper’s Casebook #3

Are you ready for this? Can you handle the third investigation from Mrs Capper’s Casebook?

Blackmail at the Ballot Box is with my trusty editor, the lovely and ever-reliable Maureen Vincent-Northam, and it will be with you very soon.

For now, let me give you an overview.

There’s a by-election in Haxford and one of the candidates is being blackmailed to step down. Enter Christine Capper, determined to unmask the culprit, but to do so she must confront her client’s election opponents.

One death, two personal attacks, one of them devastating, and potential stardom await Christine in this third outing. Can she cope with it?

Here’s a sample from the tale. Events have led to a fall out between Christine and her husband, Dennis, but now she needs his help. He’s already cut her call off several times but Christine has a secret weapon designed to put right their squabble.


As I emerged into the gloomy afternoon, I rang Dennis again. This time he answered right away.

He wasn’t in any better mood. “For crying out loud, woman, what the bejeebers do you want?”

“Some way of approaching Hal Jorry which will put him off guard. Listen to me, Dennis. My prime suspect was killed last night. Mowed down in a hit-and-run, and it’s a sight too coincidental considering the business I’m investigating. I need to speak to Jorry, but if I go barging in, he’ll go on the defensive.”

“I warned you yesterday to keep away from him. He’s scum. And he’s a crap mechanic. Take your car to him, and he’ll mess it up, and like I told you, he won’t think twice about blackening your name.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the fizzing car. I’m being paid for this gig, Dennis, so I have no choice, and I can handle the Hal Jorrys of this world’s as easy as I deal with you. Now tell me what could be wrong with my car that could give me an excuse for speaking to him.”

He was silent for the moment, and I knew what that meant. He had finally got the message, and he was thinking of something I could use.

“Tell him the engine’s missing.”

The suggestion caused my annoyance to rise once again. “And how do I explain having driven it there if someone’s stolen the engine?”

“I said missing, not nicked.” He let out a frustrated gasp. “How long have we been married? How many hours have I spent telling you about engines? And you still don’t understand.”

“That’s because I’m like you, Dennis. I don’t listen to your drivel. I’m on my way to the college now, and from there, I have to speak to Mandy before I go home. I’ll see you when you get home. And don’t be late, because I’m doing a pie.”

It never ceased to astonish me how quickly his mood could change, especially when his favourite food was mentioned. “A pie? A tate and meaty?”

“That’s got your attention, hasn’t it? I thought you deserved it after last night and this morning, but the way you’ve been carrying on this last ten minutes, I’m beginning to have doubts.”

“No. Don’t change your mind. I’ll be home for half past six.”

I ended the call, satisfied with the outcome. By seven o’clock this evening, the sulky, grim atmosphere between us would be consigned to history. He would enjoy his pie, and along with Cappy the Cat he would sleep it off on the settee while repeats of Top Gear played on the TV,


What is so special about Hal Jorry that Christine needs to slipstream her approach? To find that out, you’ll have to wait for the book’s release, but it will be with you in the very near future.

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