Two in a Week?

It’s been a busy week with not one, but two releases, one the next in the Mrs Capper’s Casebook series, and the other a thriller.

First a word about Kracht.

It’s a Dutch word, and it means power. It’s also the title of my latest standalone thriller.

Adam Yale is on the run from a murder he insists he did not commit, accompanied by Nina Hollingsworth, a friend of the victim and a woman whose motives are open to question.  Set in East Anglia against the backdrop of an outrageous theft and an even more outrageous crime in the planning, it’s a dark and gritty tale which pulls no punches.

Kracht is published by Darkstroke and is exclusive to Amazon. Prim subscribers read #FREE as part of your allowance.

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And now, Mrs Capper is back

Mrs Capper’s Christmas was an extraordinary success, but her casebooks were always planned as a series, and I can now announce the second of that series

Death at the Wool Fair

It’s set during the week of the Haxford Wool Fair, when she’s approached by the owner of the Ketchak’s Funfair, Francois Ketchak.

From the outset she doesn’t trust M Ketchak, but after someone tampers with the brakes on his pickup truck, she agrees to make inquiries.

Twenty four hours later, she’s embroiled in a murder mystery, and she meets a wall of silence and resentment from the fairground workers which takes all her resilience to get through it.

Surly cats, an excited granddaughter, a crackpot collie dog, a newly widowed woman who doesn’t seem to care, a mysterious bun thief, as well as catering for her mechanically obsessed husband, it all makes for a memorable time for Christine Capper in a fun, traditional whodunit…


Mrs Capper’s Casebook #2 is exclusive to Amazon. Prime subscribers read #FREE as part of your allowance.

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