The Time Draws Near

And no, I’m not talking about Christmas… well, I am, but not so’s you’d notice.

I don’t do Christmas. It’s nice seeing family, but even that’s subject to some nervousness again this year, so we might see them only on video. But I can’t do with the “goodwill to all men”. Where’s the goodwill in the pillocks who block up the box junction outside Tesco making it almost impossible for cars to get out of the supermarket? Prats.

The worst thing about this time of year are the short days and long nights, and where we live on the edge of the Pennine Moors, you know exactly where the wind’s coming from and where it’s going. Give me the summer anytime.

To make matters worse, Her Indoors is going to the hairdressers tomorrow and then taking me Christmas shopping… again! And I thought I’d suffered enough already. My poor credit card is in a worse state than me and that’s going some.

Thanks but no thanks, I’ll leave Christmas to Mrs Capper

On the plus side, we do have a new roof, but the picture’s not very good because they haven’t shifted the scaffolding yet. We’re hoping to see the back of that in the next few days.

So what did I mean when I said the time draws near?

It’s this Thursday and it’s the release of Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #24, A Deadly Twixmas, in which we find Joe and co in Blackpool for Twixmas, and coming under threat from a wannabe gangster who claims to be the brother of Brenda’s late husband… a brother he never had.

And there’s a launch event on Facebook.

You don’t need an invite, just come along and enjoy. I’ve set it for a late start (4:00 pm UK time) and it’ll go on until I get fed up.

So forget the Christmas shopping (you should have it done by then anyway) and come along to the Facebook launch of A Deadly Twixmas. You’ll find it at:

And I’ll see you there.

Exclusive to Amazon, there’s still time to pre-order A Deadly Twixmas:

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