We’re Back

Last week I decided it was time to change web hosts, and my very good friend Iain Pattison introduced me to Hodhost. The switch would save me a considerable amount of money, and as a true son of the white rose, a diehard Yorkshireman the next best thing to free is saving.

The job involved transferring the domain name, dwrob.com to the new host, and with my usual level of technological articulacy, I hadn’t a clue how to go about it, so Gareth Hodson, the main man at Hodhost, dealt with everything for me, and it was still a bloody nightmare.

As at yesterday evening all the world could see the site but me. I tried everything to get my laptop and phone to visit the bloody site. I even went so far as downloading a free registry cleaner, which souped up the laptop by deleting no less than 16,000+ bits of rubbish cluttering up the hard drive. It made no difference I still could not get into my site.

But by this morning, everything was working. I could access the site and the back-office to make whatever changes I need.

I’ll be spending the next couple of days faffing with odd bits and pieces, but the site is up, it is running, and you’re welcome to visit, spend a bit of time scouting around, and pick up all the latest news.

On which subject, let me remind you that if you sign up to my newsletter, there’s a free download waiting for you in the shape of Nostell, a Feyer & Drake novella.

If you don’t want to sign up to the newsletter, that’s okay, but you’ll still find a free download in the shape of Liquidated in Lockdown, a Sanford Mystery special novella which sees Joe tried to solve a murder while self-isolating during the height of the coronavirus crisis. You’ll find details on the page, Free Stuff.

And of course, I can’t let this morning pass without mentioning the really, seriously BIG NEWS, the forthcoming release of Sanford 3rd Age Club Mystery #22, Confusion in Cleethorpes.

It’s due out on July 19, which would have been my late brother’s 70th birthday. He passed away from a massive heart attack fifteen years ago, and to this day I still miss our occasional telephone chats. RIP, Terry.

Published by darkstroke, Confusion in Cleethorpes is exclusive to Amazon, and it is available for pre-order at:


As always, that’s a universal link which will take you to your local Amazon site.

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